VerVe: Healthy, Natural Hair

All VerVe services include a complete consultation, moment of wellness and home care plan to enhance your personal style.During the consultation, our stylists take your lifestyle, face shape and desires into consideration before creating your hair design.

Please note: VerVe strives to offer you the finest stylists in Tucson, and we value the education and expertise of our stylists. With this in mind, our stylist’s are priced according to their level of experience and expertise.

Design Cut                                    35-58+
Treatment Cut                               55-78+
Style                                              35+
Evening Finish                               50+
Damage Remedy Treatment         25-50
Invati Scalp Treatment                   25-50
Neck Trim                                      10+


Exclusive Aveda Color

We only use Aveda color, providing you with 97-99% natural color that reflects health and shine.

Solid                                               50+
Single application of Aveda color

Dimensional                                   75+
Multiple colors layer to enhance your design

Foiling                                            75+
Customized blend of colors using highlights and lowlights

Three Dimensional                         125+
Combining solid and foil techniques to create the ultimate personal color

Corrective Color      upon consultation
May require several visits to achieve the desired result



Curl - Body - Wave                          85+
Relax and Straighten                       85+

Consult with your stylist to take home the perfect Aveda products to keep your hair healthy and preserve your beautiful color.